Hollywood Acting Course 2017

Hollywood, California. USA



20 Hours of tuition with Katt Shea

Acting tuition from not only one of Hollywood's most respected and in demand acting coaches, but did we mention that she directed Poison Ivy & Carrie II, and acted in Psycho III and Scarface?


In Katts' own words: "Get out of your head and into the moment! – an on-going, on-camera auditioning class personally taught by acclaimed director Katt Shea.

THIS GROUND BREAKING COLD READING TECHNIQUE puts the tools in your hand to be able to LIVE a scene fully and completely.

The things that other teachers only TALK ABOUT are fully experienced when working with Katt.

Every actor works multiple times per class and receives video with comments from Katt, usually within 24 hours of class.

The class itself is based on exercises that help free up natural instincts within us.


The audition process is a tough one. Often when the time comes to walk into a room of strangers who are judging you, even very good actors are unable expressing freely. Even those of us who have extensive credits and are experienced actors freeze up when a camera is pointed in our face and we are instructed to state our name and instantly perform. Nerves, fear, and trying too hard, prevent us from being in the moment and having fun.

Being free, authentic and in the moment are elements that make an actor great."


Katt’s technique frees us to trust ourselves. Using scripts from current movies and TV shows THE CLASS IS FUN and in the space of ONE session improvement is obvious. Often, after working with the technique for a while, students find that they can laugh or cry appropriately without preparation.

In comedy, actors are freed to take chances they would otherwise be too inhibited to make.

This class not only helps you with auditions, it makes you a better, more expressive, more instinctual actor. Katt’s technique works for beginners as well as the seasoned professional, many whom have commented that they got their joy of acting back.


Movie Night at the Home of the Premiers!

The Chinese Theatre, Walk of Fame, Hollywood

The TCL Chinese Theatre is the most iconic movie palace in the world. With over 50 events a year, including movie premieres, imprint ceremonies, and film festivals, the theatre continues to make Hollywood history every day. On January 11, 2013, the world famous Chinese Theatre announced that they would be teaming up with one of China’s biggest electronics manufacturers, TCL, aka “The Creative Life,” in a 10-year naming rights partnership. This partnership has brought many exciting upgrades and preservation projects to the Chinese Theatre. For example, new sloped seating, new digital marquee, main lobby refurbishments and key technology upgrades sealing with both the audio and visual presentation. Not only do these enhancements bring the cherished venue back to the glory days when showman-founder Sid Grauman first opened the theatre, but they will also give the storied movie palace a new lease on life and provide theatre-goers with a much improved, truly world-class movie experience.

Since 1927, the TCL Chinese Theatre has been the home to the most prominent red carpet movie premieres and special events. It’s where Hollywood's biggest and brightest stars come to watch their movies! The theatre has the unique Forecourt of the Stars, which features cement hand and footprints of major movie stars from past to present. These aspects make our cinema palace the most famous movie theatre in the world. Our IMAX stands apart too. It’s the world’s largest IMAX auditorium, as well as the only movie palace in California with a state-of-the-art IMAX Laser projection experience. Watching a movie here is not just a night out, it’s a memorable event. The IMAX laser experience at the TCL Chinese Theatre represents a quantum leap forward in cinema technology - providing audiences with the sharpest, brightest, clearest and most vivid digital images ever, combined with a whole new level of immersive audio. The experience of seeing a movie at the TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX is truly unparalleled. So step off the red carpet and walk through the golden doors of this Movie Palace of the Stars. A visit to Los Angeles is not complete without a stroll through Hollywood cinema history.


If you take acting course (B) then you also get:


3-Hour Intro to Fight Choreography

During these 3 hours with professional Stunt Performer & Actor TIM STORMS, you will learn the basics of fight choreography for the screen. Don't worry, we don't expect you to be Jackie Chan but you will learn lots and have a great time. If this is your bag, then take a look at the STUNT COURSES we run immediately before and after this acting course.


Full VIP Tour of Paramount Studios

Designed for the movie buff, this tour includes all the wonderful sights of the regular tour and takes it to a whole new level. You’ll gain exclusive VIP access to the archive facilities and receive a hands-on look at props and set items from past productions. As you roam through 100 years of movie magic and learn how the latest productions work, you’ll absorb a truly authentic Hollywood experience and have unique photo opportunities unavailable to anyone else. You’ll also have the opportunity to enjoy culinary offerings from our CIA trained studio chef – enjoy a gourmet catered lunch in the morning, or sip champagne while indulging on sweet and savory hors d’oeuvres in the afternoon. After the Paramount VIP Studio Tour, you’ll be able to tell everyone that you truly experienced all the wonder and glamour Hollywood has to offer. The tour includes: 4 1/2-hour Tour, VIP Access to the Archives and Production Facilities, Catered Meal, 15% Off Paramount Studio Store Merchandise and DVDs, Complimentary Studio Parking and includes a Souvenir Photo. During the morning tour you will receive a Gourmet Catered Lunch, and on the afternoon tour Champagne and Hors d’oeuvres both at an Exclusive Studio Location.


Showcases & Workshops

The Showcases & Workshops take place in Beverly Hills at an independent studio and are run for the sole purpose of introducing you to Artist Managers, Talent Agents, Casting Directors and Booking agents. Lasting around 3 hours each, you can prepare a short scene or have one given to you on arrival (with time to rehearse of course!). We will give you full details of the workshops / showcases as we get them in the run up to the course. NOTE! This is a learning course and the workshops and showcases are not an Audition, offer of work or representation.


An evening at the Famous Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

Spend an evening in the ambience and charm at the Roosevelt Hotel. The Public Kitchen & Bar offers up home cooked delights and drinks to match. We will be delighted to buy you your first cocktail or drink as you arrive.

For those who want to live the A-List lifestyle a little more, then cozy up to some of the best cocktails in Los Angeles. At The Library Bar, there is no menu. Instead, guests choose the ingredients that pique their interest from a garden of fresh fruits, seasonal vegetables and refreshing herbs strewn in an elegant assortment across the bar. The expert mixologists will then work with guests to create something imaginative, delicious and unforgettable. (We're not paying for that!)

The Library Bar is an intimate wood-paneled hideaway, lavishly furnished with plush leather couches and zebra-striped accents. Dim lighting adds to the chic and sultry ambience that regularly attracts some of L.A.’s most fashionable A-listers. For the cocktail aficionado who craves a custom-curated drink, or for the guest who simply wants something delightful and inspiring—the Library Bar invites you to explore your taste.

The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel is located at 7000 Hollywood Boulevard. In its early years, the Hollywood Roosevelt played host to countless icons: Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin, Clark Gable and Carole Lombard among others. The hotel’s history and fame has lent itself to a legendary reputation, which has inspired movie-makers and film directors to set their movies within the hotel’s storybook backdrop.

Enjoy for as long as you want. PLEASE DO NOT Drink & Drive - If you are driving we will NOT buy you an alcoholic drink.



Payment in instalments can be arranged without any additional fees, interest or charges.


Partners / Friends can join you for free and watch.

Tickets for the Tours can be obtained at cost price.





  • 20 Hours of acting tuition from Katt Shea
  • See a film at the World Famous Chinese Theatre on the Walk of Stars



  • 20 Hours of acting tuition from Katt Shea
  • 3 hour Intro to Fight Choreography
  • VIP Tour of Paramount Studios
  • Actors Showcase*
  • Actors Workshop*
  • See a film at the World Famous Chinese Theatre on the Walk of Stars
  • Evening at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel with first Cocktail / Drink on us.


*These events are run by an outside company that deals with Agents and Managers that are very busy. In the event that the Showcase and /or Workshop does not happen, we reserve the right to substitute this to something else of equal or greater value.



On arrival in Los Angeles the Learn in the Sun team were so helpful with everything and I do mean everything. If we had any questions, concerns, problems or were stuck they were always there to help. It was way more than I expected. We had lunch in Malibu with famous stuntman Gregg Sargeant from Pirates of the Caribbean which was a blast. Next day we started our stunt course with Tim Storm. I have learned things that I have never thought I will learn on this trip. It definitely expanded my skillset as an actress. We have done low falls, wire work and fighting choreography. Those were things I have never done in my life and Tim pushed me hard enough to be able to reach same level as other girls that were on the course with me who had some experience at least in stage fighting. We had VIP tour at Paramount which was absolutely amazing. Tour guide made us feel important, and took us to sets that are not accessible for other tours. It was wonderful. We also had an acting workshop with Katt Shea. It was great to learn a lot of things about my skills as an actress and also learn how to get myself in character quickly and relax. We also had a chance to perform in front of a leading LA casting director Lindsey Baldasare as well as to showcase our skills to 5 top Los Angeles casting agents. We managed to meet many important people on this trip and get great advice from Learn in the Sun, Katt, Tim and others. It has been truly the trip of a lifetime. We got great connections, met great people, and got a free photoshoot with a great photographer and who knows… We might be back on the screen soon, you never know! I really want to thank Learn in the Sun for such a superb course. If you are (or want to be) an actor, you can’t miss out this opportunity. I am sure I will be back next year.

#RUTA Z, 2015 Stunt Performance Course (L1), Hollywood.


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