Hollywood Stunt Course 2017

Hollywood, California. USA



  • Fight Choreography
  • Wire Work
  • Falls (low)
  • Trampoline Work
  • Basic Gymnastics
  • Fight Sequence for film
  • Movie at the Chinese Theatre
  • Watch a TV show being filmed




All elements of COURSE A plus:

  • NRA Certified Firearms (Pistol) course with certification, Pistol rental, Ammunition & range time
  • Screen Fighting with Firearms
  • Falls (high)
  • Trampoline Work
  • Fight Sequence for film
  • VIP Tour and front of line VIP passes for Universal Studios
  • Actors Showcase
  • Actors Workshop
  • 4-hour acting tuition

Superb course for Actors of all levels

2 Courses to choose from:


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Tutored by professional working Hollywood Stuntman TIM STORMS and his team.


A Basic level of fitness and agility is required.


What do you get on Course A (7 days)?

You will learn the basics of Fight Choreography, Basic moves on a wire (matrix style), Low Falls, Trampoline work, Basic Gymnastics, Ratchet work and at the end of the course you will make a short fight scene movie with working Hollywood actors & stunt performers. We will also organise for you to see a movie at the world famous Chinese Theatre in LA. We will try and also get you tickets for a TV show filming in Hollywood or surrounding areas (this is a free service, and therefore cannot be guaranteed)


Dates: 4th - 11th November 2017





What do you get on Course B (9 days)?

You get the full Course A course PLUS you will learn to safely and properly handle a real Pistol, with NRA (National Rifle Association) approved and certified LIVE FIRING Pistol training with NRA certificate on satisfactory completion (includes Pistol rental, ammunition and range time, but not the certification cost of $25), Screen fighting with firearms, a 4-hour acting course with Katt Shea (Poison Ivy, Carrie 2, Psycho III, Scarface), A showcase in front of top Casting agents / Managers, A workshop with a leading Casting agent / Manager, A VIP Tour of Universal Studios PLUS unlimited front of line VIP passes to all the shows and rides at Universal and at the end of the course you will make a short fight scene movie with working Hollywood actors & stunt performers



Dates: 2nd - 11th November 2017



Combined course:


Course A PLUS Acting Course (B) (14 Days)




Payment in instalments can be arranged without any additional fees, interest or charges.

Assistance with accommodation can be provided.


Partners / Friends can join you for free and watch* Subject to available space.

Additional tickets for the Studio Tours can be obtained at cost price.


*If you wish to reserve a place without commitment, or wish to bring along non participating guests please click on RESERVE FOR FREE to secure your place, and add in the comments box your requirements and we will get back to you as soon as possible.




On arrival in Los Angeles the Learn in the Sun team were so helpful with everything and I do mean everything. If we had any questions, concerns, problems or were stuck they were always there to help. It was way more than I expected. We had lunch in Malibu with famous stuntman Gregg Sargeant from Pirates of the Caribbean which was a blast. Next day we started our stunt course with Tim Storm. I have learned things that I have never thought I will learn on this trip. It definitely expanded my skillset as an actress. We have done low falls, wire work and fighting choreography. Those were things I have never done in my life and Tim pushed me hard enough to be able to reach same level as other girls that were on the course with me who had some experience at least in stage fighting. We had VIP tour at Paramount which was absolutely amazing. Tour guide made us feel important, and took us to sets that are not accessible for other tours. It was wonderful. We also had an acting workshop with Katt Shea. It was great to learn a lot of things about my skills as an actress and also learn how to get myself in character quickly and relax. We also had a chance to perform in front of a leading LA casting director Lindsey Baldasare as well as to showcase our skills to 5 top Los Angeles casting agents. We managed to meet many important people on this trip and get great advice from Learn in the Sun, Katt, Tim and others. It has been truly the trip of a lifetime. We got great connections, met great people, and got a free photoshoot with a great photographer and who knows… We might be back on the screen soon, you never know! I really want to thank Learn in the Sun for such a superb course. If you are (or want to be) an actor, you can’t miss out this opportunity. I am sure I will be back next year.

#RUTA Z, 2015 Stunt Performance Course (L1), Hollywood.


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