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Entertainment Capital of the World

Las Vegas is the largest city in the U.S. state of Nevada.

Nicknamed the Entertainment Capital of the World, it is situated in the Mojave Desert of Southern Nevada.


The city features many mega-hotel /casino complexes decorated with lavish care and attention to detail creating a fantasy-like environment. The casinos often have names and themes that evoke romance, mystery, and exotic destinations.


Las Vegas has an arid climate with sunny, dry, and extremely hot summers. The July average high is 104°F (40°C), but with low humidity. This low humidity helps the temperature feel not quite as hot as it otherwise would at these levels, but never-the-less, it is still hot. Night time lows are usually in the 80s (26 - 30°C).


Winter (December, January, February) is much cooler with daytime highs averaging around 60°F (16°C) , and night-time lows averaging about 40°F (4.5°C).


During winter, a cold spell may set in for several days. Snowfall is quite rare in the metropolitan area itself, but the mountains surrounding the valley are topped with snow during the winter. This allows for skiing and snowboarding. These activities are available in winter with a short drive to the northwest at Mount Charleston.


Spring and fall are very enjoyable months with daytime highs ranging from the mid-60s (18°C) Fahrenheit to the high 80s (30°C).

Some of the best months to visit Las Vegas are March, April, May, October, and November. Temperatures are not too hot nor too chilly at those times, although a good time can be had in Las Vegas at any time.



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