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KATT SHEA – Our Acting tutor:

Writer-director Katt Shea (who has recently finished directing the latest “Nancy Drew film (the hidden staircase) has been honoured by retrospectives of five of her critically acclaimed films at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, The British Film Institute in London and various festivals throughout Europe. She also won the Silver Award for screenwriting at The Houston Film Festival. In 2011 she won the Trailblazing Award at Bleedfest for “inspiring a generation of young filmmakers”. Katt has been profiled on the front page of The New York Times Arts & Leisure section and in a special issue of US Magazine dedicated to the role of the director in filmmaking. Critics have compared her to Martin Scorsese, Oliver Stone and even Ingmar Bergman. Andrew Sarris says of her, “I see an unusually kinetic talent combined with a flare for complex narrative. Ms. Shea does little things so well that big meanings flow out of them.”

As an actor, Katt has appeared in many films, the most well know to us was the third in series of the “Psycho” films, Carrie 2, Scarface, Barbarian Queen and Last Exit to Earth.

Katt’s first studio film, The Rage, Carrie 2 (actor and director) , opened at number 2 at the box office, the film received rave reviews in The L.A. Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, The New York Post, The Village Voice and The Nation. Kevin Thomas of The Los Angeles Times called her “…a master of genre. Shea’s ability to play various elements against one another gives “The Rage” welcome complexity and tension.” Stuart Klawans of The Nation raves the Katt Shea’s movies are “…remarkable for their disquieting themes, for their style (bold, fluent and varied)…Over the past dozen years only five or six American women besides Shea have managed to turn out a comparable number of commercial features…Look at he beauty and terror that Katt Shea can achieve and ask whether there’s motivation today for The Rage.”  Katt’s movies seem to set trends within the industry. Poison Ivy, which was written and directed by her, was a significant video hit and boasts the highest turns per copy in video history, which in turn inspired dozens of high profile imitators and the influence of her even her earliest low budget films, is still felt within the thriller genre.  She has developed a revolutionary and very successful technique for training actors, her on-going classes really develop students, teaching them how to bring their best game to each individual audition or job. Katt has also dedicated her time to writing a novel and doing script doctoring on feature films.



TIM STORMS – Our Stunt Tutor:

Tim is in high demand in Hollywood all over the globe, and even in outer space as a stunt performer.  As the official stunt double for Sir Patrick Stewart, he has doubled for him in Logan, Star Trek and many other productions.  Not only is he an accomplished performer in his own right, he is also a well-respected stunt co-ordinator and stunt trainer (he was the trainer for “The Matrix”!).  Nominated for two awards, Tim will teach you how to fight, fall, tumble and fly through the air like Spider Man (which he also worked on!).  We may even throw you off a small building if you want!

Acting & Stunt Performance

Hollywood, California

Normal price £799



US$820  / AU$1299  / €750

Back by popular demand, we will be running the Stunt performance and Acting course in Hollywood, USA once again from (arrivals) Sunday 23rd May to (departures) Friday 28th May 2021.


The acting course (12 hours) will be tutored by Hollywood director “Katt Shea” and will take place at her house in the beautiful surroundings of Santa Clarita, USA.  Travel from the main house to and from Santa Clarita will be provided and is included in the cost of this course.


The stunt performance course (3 different sessions of variable length) will be tutored by busy working Hollywood stuntman, Tim Storms and will take place in Los Angeles at a well-equipped gym venue regularly used by Tim and other stunt performers to work on their skills.  Please note that the stunt course is a physical course and expect to work up a sweat whilst having a lot of fun.


You can take part in either of these courses individually or sign up for combined package.

You can pay the whole cost immediately, or we can organise payments over a maximum of 10 months (Early bookers at under £65 per month / Full rate bookers at under £80 per month) can be arranged for everyone, and there are no credit checks, no fees, no interest and no charges added.  If you would rather pay in your local currency that can also be arranged – just reserve using the £10 deposit option, and we will contact you to arrange the payments in your currency.

Payments must be complete by the 1st April 2021.


We will be renting a suitably sized house (with pool and hot tub wherever / if possible!) from Sunday 23rd May through to Friday 28th May 2021 in the Hollywood Hills, Beverly Hills, Sherman Oaks, North LA general area for the participants to relax and rehearse in, and this is optional at the cost listed (cost is listed as per room or bed in a shared room of two, so if you are happy to share with another participant the shared option reduces the cost).  You are free of course to rent your own accommodation or hotel room in Los Angeles, but please remember that the departure point for the transport will be the house which we have rented and you will need to take an Uber or other form of transport to the house before the departure time given to you.


We can also arrange an optional “studio tour” at one of the major studios in Hollywood which will be at additional cost.  The options will be Universal Studios Tour and Theme park (all day), Paramount Studios VIP tour (approximately 4½ hours) or Sony Studios Tour (2-3 hours).



Wherever possible, we will try and organise for you to attend an operational studio and watch a show being filmed (there is no charge for this).  Where there is an opportunity to participate as an extra in a film (this is again a ZERO COST addition available to anyone who wants to take part), we will let you know but remember that you will not, and cannot unless you are a US citizen, be paid any money or receive an acting credit for this, although you will receive the unique experience of being in a genuine Hollywood movie / TV show!


There is also the option to have your performance critiqued by a board of genuine Hollywood film and TV casting agents and producers (they call it a talent showcase).  Please be warned that this replicates the harsh reality of the Hollywood audition process and as long as you are prepared to take what can often be a brutal but very honest feedback, and take these comments on board without being offended or taking it personally then this is a fantastic and rarely available experience that will highlight both your qualities and your failings.  This is run by an external company and is subject to last minute changes to the agents present, and occasionally total cancellation.  In the event of a permanent cancellation, any money paid will be reimbursed within 2 weeks.


The cost of the course is great value at £799 but as we are going a little crazy during the lockdown, we have decided to reduce the costs by £150 to JUST £649 for those who book early.  There are just 8 places available, so book today!  In the event that the Coronavirus extends into next year and affects travel plans don’t worry!  We will either give you another date later in the year or you can cancel the course and we will refund you the full amount paid.


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